Activities planned for Blackrock Park


April 2005 Area Committee meeting

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager what activities are planned for Blackrock Park during the coming months including family fun days and use of the bandstand etc. When are these events to take place?"


The Arts Office intends to develop a brass band series in conjunction with the Parks Department. However, past experience with Blackrock Park have proven difficult to draw an audience even with extensive advertising. Programming will be on a pilot basis. The programme of events in parks during the summer is currently being planned with local communities and a full list will be provided to Councillors. The Council has two types of family fun days the local and the larger events such as those held in Dalkey and Marlay Park. The local days are arranged by a local committee with the assistance of a community worker and are advertised to the local community. The large events are publicized on local radio station and in the press.

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