Installation of ‘Keep Clear’ Box at Newtownpark Ave


March 2005 Area Committee meeting

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager, in the interests of safety, to install a ‘Keep Clear' box outside the adjoining entrances of houses 109 and 111 Newtownpark Avenue. Similar markings appear outside other houses on Newtown Park Avenue and Mount Merrion Avenue?"


This location has been examined. The driveway entrances to houses No. 109 and No. 111 Newtownpark Avenue are within 15 metres of a traffic light controlled junction. It was observed that drivers exiting these driveways experienced no problems during off peak hours. A traffic light presence detector loop is installed on the road adjacent to the driveway of house no. 111. If ‘Keep Clear' boxes were installed at this location, then the signal-controlled junction would operate less efficiently. Drivers exiting the above two driveways at the peak hours will need to rely on ‘courteous drivers' yielding at this location. In addition, it is the policy of the Traffic Section not to install ‘Keep Clear' boxes at driveway entrances to residential properties.

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