Laneway at rear of Rosehill/Newtown Park


May 2005 Area committee meeting

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"o ask the Manager in relation to a laneway in the charge of the Council at the rear of Rosehill / Newtown Park, the following questions: (a) The Planning Authority granted temporary access via this laneway to No. 30 Fairyhill, Newtownpark Avenue to allow building works at this address. As a result of the movement of heavy machinery and vehicles in this laneway the road surface is now broken and potholed. What action can now be taken to remedy this situation; (b) Can the householders whose hedging is overgrown into the laneway be contacted and requested to cut back their hedges?"


(a) Potholes have been repaired. (b) The area has been examined and the hedges are not considered to be an obstruction.

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