New road layout at Newtownpark Avenue at its junction with White’s Cross


Area Committee meeting June 2005

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"o ask the Manager in relation to the new road layout at Newtownpark Avenue at its junction with White’s Cross to review the following changes: (a) the pavement build out at the junction with Granville Road is causing difficulties for vehicles exiting Granville Road turning in the direction of White’s Cross. Can this build out be cut back; (b) the road markings are causing confusion particularly for motorists who are turning left at the junction. Those who abide by the markings and queue to enter the left turn lane are observing other motorists from further down the road mounting the pathway and entering the turning lane ahead of them. Can the Council insert a bollard to stop this happening? There is also a further problem relating to the two straight on arrows as one of these leads motorists into the right hand turn only lane. This arrow needs to be removed. Please let me know when these changes will be made?"


'(a) The Transportation Department is satisfied with the current kerb radius as it assists with speed reduction at the junction. However Transportation Department will keep the situation under review (b) The Council’s Lining Contractor has been issued with details of revised road markings which will reduce the likelihood of confusion."

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