Newtownpark Lands Park


February2005 Area Committee

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manger to provide the following items for Newtownpark Lands Park:(a) Benches near the tennis courts and near the Church;(b) A ramp beside the steps into Guardian Angels Church grounds to allow easy passage for people with buggies and bicycles?"


"(a) Parks Department will consider the provision of benches at both locations in the coming weeks subject to local residents being satisfied that benches do not become focal points for anti-social activity. (b) No financial provision has been made for the installation of a ramp at this location but will be considered for inclusion in the 2006 estimates subject to finance being available. However, it is hoped that the installation of a handrail on the steps leading from Newtownpark Lands to Guardian Angels school which has been included in our 2005 programme of works will be in place in the coming weeks."

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