Pond in Carysfort Park


Area committee meetingMay 2005

Question:Councillor M. Baker"To ask the Manager in relation to the pond in Carysfort Park to carry out the following works:-(a)clean out any litter / rubbish from the pond;(b)remove any unnecessary dead branches etc. to make the pond more attractive once these works don't impinge on the wildlife that inhabits the area?"


"Technical staff involved in area management are investigating the possibility of sourcing finance from Open Space and Environmental Improvement Development Levies recently adopted by the Council which, hopefully, will address the funding issue in order to undertake major works at Carysfort Pond. This would involve engaging a contractor to clean and dredge silt build-up from the pond using appropriate plant and machinery as well as locating a suitable site for disposal of debris. Meanwhile arrangements will be made for the removal of litter/rubbish in the coming weeks."

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