Road Markings in Blackrock Ward Area


Area committee meeting January 2005

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager when the following road marking already agreed will be put in place in the Blackrock Ward area: Brookfield TerraceInsert a disabled symbol in space outside No. 21 Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock. The markings for the space are already in place. Newtown ParkRemove 15 linear metres of white parking bay lining on parking bay on Newtown Park. Carysfort Avenue / Stillorgan ParkRenewal of road markings on Stillorgan Park (road with ramps) and on Carysfort Avenue outside All Saints National School. Stillorgan ParkStillorgan Park (residential road) renewal of centre white line and ‘slow' markings, as well as removal of directional arrow at end of cul de sac that are redundant. Job agreed with Transportation Department in October 2004. Rose Hill, Newtown ParkRealignment of disabled parking space so that it is directly outside No.8 Rosehill as agreed with Transportation Department in April 2004. Green RoadCompletion of the road marking, including double yellow lines that were included for the parking scheme on this road. Carysfort AvenueExtension of the double yellow lines by the location of the bottle banks in Carysfort Park?"


"Road marking in the Blackrock area cannot be carried out since there is no funding available for this work at present. However, funding for this work has been sought for 2005. If funding is provided in the 2005 budget an order will then be issued to a lining contractor to carry out the work. The items listed are only ‘small items' of work and a lining contractor will complete them when doing other lining work in the Blackrock area. Carysfort Avenue/Stillorgan Park line marking work has been scheduled for attention early in 2005."

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