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March 2006 Council meeting Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager in relation to the new online planning facility that is available on the Council's website, which is very welcome, to provide all the planning conditions and additional information requests on a one page format rather than having to open multiple windows to access each item?"


"The Council introduced a new on-line planning enquiry service available to its customers @ with effect from 6/2/’06. This service allows Council Customers to make an enquiry regarding the current status of a planning application on line. The service is the subject of ongoing development and it is envisaged that Customers will also have access, in the near future, to the associated planning records including the planning application form and other lodged documents. It is also envisaged that by the end of this year customers will be able to submit, on-line, submissions/observations in relation to planning applications received by the Council. In designing the layout & functionality of the new service the Council was anxious to maximize the user friendliness of the service and was also anxious to ensure that information was presented, and was accessible, in a non complicated and user friendly manner. Having regard to the number of conditions that can be attached to a planning permission it would not be possible to contain all conditions within one window and it is considered that the present method of presenting details relating to conditions attached to permissions or additional information requested is the most suitable option. However, as indicated earlier, this service is the subject of ongoing development and the comments of the Councillor are very welcome and will be taken into account in the future development of this facility."

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