Development Levies


May 2006 Council meeting Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to give a breakdown of how much money was collected under the development levies for each ward during 2004 and 2005?"


"The amount collected by the Council in respect of Development Contributions since the adoption of the scheme on the 21/1/'04 to the 31/12/'05 is €35.6m. This total is in respect of both residential & non- residential permissions and relates to the whole of the County. It is not possible to extract details, at this stage, in respect of individual Electoral Ward Areas. The I.T system is the subject of ongoing development, which, upon its completion, should enable information to be extracted in the format requested. It should be noted that following the adoption of the new Development Contribution Scheme all development contribution are now accounted for on a county wide basis under the following three category headings as provided for in the terms of the Scheme: (1) Community & Parks, (2) Roads, (3) Water & Drainage. All monies collected are credited to those three accounts and are used to help finance the cost of undertaking those infrastructure projects listed in annexure 2 & 3 attached to the scheme."

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