Loading Bay at the library in Blackrock


March 2006 Area committee Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager in relation to the ‘loading bay' outside the library in Blackrock the following questions: (i) is this loading bay still in operation; (ii) if so, why are vehicles allowed park in it all day; (iii) are vehicles that are illegally parked in the bay fined; (iv) who is responsible for the enforcement of parking in this bay?"


"The recessed area (loading bay) outside the Blackrock Library on Newtown Road has been examined recently. The word ‘Loading' is marked on the concrete recessed area. However, there are no ‘qualifying time plates' erected thus making this bay legally unenforceable. (i) This loading bay is not in operation; (ii) Vehicles are parking in the ‘recessed area' since loading bay ‘qualifying time plates' have not been erected; (iii) Vehicles that are parked in the bay are not fined because they are not illegally parked; (iv) There is no restriction at present on parking in this bay and accordingly, enforcement by the Gardaí or the Council's Enforcement Contractor does not apply. As part of the Parking Control Scheme Review, it is proposed to remove the word ‘loading' and to provide parking bays at this location. It should be noted that an official loading bay is provided approximately 30 metres away."

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