Mount Merrion Ave pedestrian safety


Feb 2006 Area Committee Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to install bollards on the pavement outside the shops on Mount Merrion Avenue at the junction of Cross Avenue for pedestrian safety?"


The footpath on Mount Merrion Avenue at Cross Avenue (outside the shops) was examined last year with a consideration to installing bollards to prevent cars and other vehicles mounting the footpath. However, on inspection the Traffic Section were advised by the Maintenance Section that there was a ‘web of electrical cables' immediately below the surface of the footpath thereby making it impossible to install bollards at this location due to ‘dangerous' working conditions. This junction is to form part of the proposed Quality Bus Corridor (QBC) and Cycle Track Scheme and footpath improvement works will be carried out at this location as part of the QBC works. The QBC is currently being discussed with representatives of the Mount Merrion Residents.

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