Parkland between Stradbrook Road & Rockville Crescent


January 2006 Area commttee Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to have the following works carried out in the parkland between Stradbrook Road and Rockville Crescent: (i) all the litter and dumped items be removed; (ii) that ‘no dumping' signs be erected; (iii) that a swing pedestrian gate be erected at the Stradbrook Road entrance for residents' safety; (iv) that railings be erected on the walls either side of the Stradbrook Road entrance?"


(i) Arrangements are being made to have the litter and dumped items removed as soon as possible at the above location. However, it is hoped that local residents work together to achieve environmental improvements in the area and, at the same time raise awareness among the local youth of the importance of teamwork and responsibility in the achievement of a visually pleasing, litter free environment. (ii) Having examined this matter the Parks Department is reluctant to install signs as it is our experience that the installation of such signage is of limited value in addressing such matters. (iii) The provision of a swing gate at this location is considered inappropriate. The Roads Department have installed a safety barrier along the kerbline at Stradbrook Road opposite the access in question. (iv) The question of providing a railing at this location will be examined. If it is considered that such a railing is necessary its provision will be considered in the context of future estimates.

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