Removal Of Graffiti


March 2006 Special Council meeting It was proposed by Councillor M. Baker and seconded by Councillor C. Smyth:- "That the Manager would consider changing the Council's policy in relation to the removal of graffiti, on a trail basis, in a particular area (e.g. one ward) to see if it would have a beneficial affect on the appearance of a locality. Currently the policy is to remove graffiti only in a limited number of circumstances, with the remaining graffiti resulting in an area appearing run down. The Council should, on a trail basis, remove all graffiti, irrespective of content. On completion of the trial the Manager should then report back to the Council on the success of the trial and see if the policy should be changed across the entire Council area." The following report of the Manager, copy of which had been circulated to the Members, was CONSIDERED:- "Graffiti occurs primarily on private property – walls, buildings etc. – and is primarily the responsibility of the property owner to remove it. In the context of "Tidy Towns" it is proposed in co-operation with local groups, to take a more direct approach in selected areas. This will result in property owners and public utilities being required to take responsibility for clean up of their own properties. In particular circumstances the Council will remove offensive material or slogans from sites in the public view. The matter will be kept under review." Following discussion, during which Mr. F. Austin, Director of Environment Services responded to Members queries, the report was AGREED.

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