Request for Gully Cleaning on Carysfort Avenue


"o ask the Manager to clean all the gullies on Carysfort Avenue from its junction with Newtownpark to its junction with Main Street Blackrock as a matter of urgency, particular black spots are:

(i) the corner of Convent Road and Carysfort Avenue where the gully overflows during heavy rain resulting in the children from the local school getting wet while trying to cross the road;

(ii) from Convent Road on the non parking side where all the gullies are blocked, so in heavy rain the water flows down the road like a river across the by-pass and it also floods the pathway making it unusable for pedestrians;

(iii) the gullies on the section of Carysfort Avenue from its junction with the by-pass and Main Street, where the gullies are so blocked local business's have been flooded in the past in heavy rain?"


The gullies at these locations will be cleaned in the next two to three weeks.

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