Site meeting with Traffic Engineer and Farmleigh Residents


March 2006 Area Committee Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to arrange an on site meeting between the Traffic Area Engineer and representatives of Farmleigh Residents Associations (contact details can be provided) so that concerns regarding the roundabout, new road layout, lines that are required etc. can be discussed?"


"The Traffic Section is currently checking the planning conditions for the ‘Jackson Homes' Development site on Farmleigh Avenue. A left turning filter lane is proposed for exiting Farmleigh Avenue onto the N11. ‘Keep Left' bollards have been installed on the roundabout at the ‘Jackson Homes' site entrance at Farmleigh Avenue/Park junction. Some drivers are wilfully avoiding this roundabout as they exit from Farmleigh Park turning right onto Farmleigh Avenue. This is a matter of enforcement by the ‘Garda Siochana' and the Traffic Section will contact them. Double yellow lines at the junction of Farmleigh Avenue/Park and renewal of existing ‘Yield' marks and lines on Farmleigh Park have been ordered. This measure will help to define the junction. The Traffic Section's Area Engineer will meet with representatives of Farmleigh Residents Association later in the year."

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