The Playwright/TGI Friday’s


May 2006 Area Committee meeting Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to give an update on what the current position is in relation to the enforcement of the unauthorised developments at The Playwright/TGI Friday's, given that an enforcement notice was issued last November?"


An Enforcement Notice pursuant to Section 154 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, dated 11th November 2005, was served on the owners in respect of the following unauthorised works: –

  • The erection of five illuminated ‘TGI Fridays’ advertisement signs erected on various building elevations within the premises, being, 2no. signs to front/east elevation facing Newtownpark Avenue, one flat fixed on the elevation and one double-sided sign end facing to the elevation and projecting over the public footpath.
  • 1no. sign to rear/west elevation.
  • 1no. sign to end/south elevation.
  • 1no. sign to end/north elevation.
  • The erection of illuminated/neon tube lighting to the under eaves of the property.
  • Building works within the existing beer garden area to the side/south of the building for the purpose of constructing a partially enclosed smoking area with retractable roof and a large enclosed bin storage area to the rear/west of the building constructed with concrete supports and timber panel infill to an average height of 2 metres thereby reducing available car parking spaces.

The Planning Authority required that the removal of the above unauthorised structures within a period of one month from the date of the above Notice. On 13th March 2006 the Planning Inspector for the area carried out an inspection of the premises and it was noted that the Enforcement Notice had not been complied with. Accordingly, the matter has been referred to the Legal Services Department to institute prosecution proceedings for failure to comply with the requirements of the Enforcement Notice. A court date is now awaited.

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