Works to be carried out on gullies in the Blackrock Town Area


March 2006 Area CommitteeQuestion: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager in relation to all the gullies in the Blackrock Town area, particularly on Main Street, Carysfort Avenue (from By Pass to Main Street) and Bath Place to have the following works carried out: (a) have all these gullies cleaned as many of them are blocked and during recent heavy rain a number of premises were flooded; (b) have the gully outside the Old Post Office repaired as it is currently possible to insert ones foot in through the grating; (c) have the gully outside Xtravision repaired, as there is a hole immediately above the gully that is a trip hazard. Given that all these items have been reported many times in the past, can you please advise when these works will be carried out in each case?"


(a) "The road gullies at these locations are scheduled for cleaning in the week commencing March 20th 2006. (b)/(c) These two road gullies are scheduled for repair in the week commencing 27th March 2006."

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