Benamore development


Dun Laoghaire Area Committee 27th June 2007


Question: Councillor M. Baker

"To ask the Manager when building works will start on the Council's site at Benamore on Newtownpark Avenue as there seems to be a very long delay in getting this project started?"


The Part 8 for this scheme was approved at the Council meeting of the 10th January 2005. However due to the number of changes made to the scheme during the Part 8 process and to the specialised nature of some of the sustainable elements, it took some time to prepare the tender drawings in order to ensure that they complied with the scheme as agreed at Part 8.

Accordingly, the scheme was not tendered until 10th August 2006, the closing date being 22nd September 2006. The tenders submitted were then analysed by the Quantity Surveyor and the tender report submitted; however, the company who submitted the lowest qualifying tender has subsequently withdrawn from the competition. The Council is reviewing the tender process with a view to determining what action should now be taken.

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