Blackrock Baths



Blackrock Baths

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager in relation to the Blackrock baths the follow questions:

a) to provide detail of any discussions held between the Council and possible developers for the Blackrock baths site

b) to outline what steps could be taken by the Council to improve the current appearance of the Baths site

c) to commit that there would be widespread public consultation for any significant changes to this site"


The CountyManager and Ward Councillors met with a representative of the owners of the Blackrock baths site to discuss outline proposals for the development of the site that they had prepared. There has been no further meeting between Council Officials and the owners/developers since then.

Apart from the current expenditure on anti graffiti measures and graffiti removal, any significant changes to improve the baths would incur substantial expenditure. There is no provision for such expenditure in the budget.

The Council's understanding is that any development of the baths site will have to be facilitated by the Council. This will provide a mechanism to ensure that development proposals are subject to public consultation.

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