Carysfort Park additional double yellow lines



3rd September 2007

Request for double yellow lines in Carysfort Park

Motion: Councillor M. Baker

"hat the Manager would install immediately double yellow lines on the bends in the roadway in Carysfort Park adjacent to the parkland so as to mitigate the hazardous effects of parked vehicles, as has been requested on numerous occasions by both the Carysfort Park Residents Association and Cloisters Residents Association and residents in Carysfort Hall Apartments who are also adversely effected by this 'all day' non residents parking."


Carysfort Park was recently inspected on 16th May 2007 with a view to installing additional double yellow lines at the bend adjacent to the cul de sac at houses 76 – 80. Double yellow lines were installed this year at the corner of the first cul de sac at house No. 70 and at the bend opposite the park pedestrian entrance to protect the existing dished kerbs and to allow wheelchair access to the park. Double yellow lines now exist on both sides of the road from the junction of Carysfort Avenue to the entrance of Carysfort Hall Apartments. The existing road width is 7.5 metres which is insufficient for parking on both sides of the road for two way traffic.

Traffic Section will be recommending the provision of additional double yellow lines alongside the inside kerb of the bend at the next meeting of the Traffic Advisory Group on 13th September 2007. This will remove the potential hazard caused by vehicles parking along here and allow free-flow of traffic.

Additional note

The Traffic Advisory Group agreed the inclusion of these lines at their meeting of 13th September 2007.

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