Deansgrange Road


"o ask the Manager to confirm when the following issues outside the Harrison Burnell building site on the Deansgrange Road will be resolved;

1. The reinstatement of the public footpath,

2. The reinstatement of the Pedestrian Traffic lights,

3. The reinstatement of the bus stop,

4. In the interim what improvements can be made to the current temporary footpath on safety grounds?"


1. The re-instatement of the public footpath is currently being carried out.

2. The reinstatement of the Pedestrian Traffic lights will be carried out later this week

3. 'Dublin Bus' in conjunction with the Traffic Section of the Garda Siochana will be examining this location this week with a view to re-locating the existing bus stop.

4. The hoarding at this location is to be removed on Monday and the footpath at this location has been permanently re-instated

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