Graffiti removal Blackrock


Meeting of Dun Laoghaire Area Committee

28 May 2007


It was PROPOSED by Councillor M. Baker and SECONDED by Councillor C. Devlin

"That the Manager would devise an action plan to tackle graffiti in the Blackrock town area on Council owned property, public utilities, and private property. This plan should be presented to the Area Committee at the September meeting."


Previously, with the limited budget available the policy was to remove offensive graffiti, only, however in view of the increased budget for 2007 it is proposed to list all graffiti for attention on both public and private property. Where graffiti occurs on private property, i.e. business premises, private walls, public utility units/buildings, the property owners are being requested to remove the graffiti. A positive response has been received in most instances. Areas in Council ownership will be removed by the contractor.

In the initial period, the sites being selected for attention, are generally in the town and village areas and the main routes. Assistance is also provided to Local Communities who have taken responsibility for removal of graffiti in their neighbourhoods. It is proposed to review progress in September next and following the review a report will be brought to the area meeting.

The motion was NOTED.

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