Left turn filter at end of Booterstown Avenue



1st October 2007

Request for re-instatement of left filter traffic light at end of

Booterstown Avenue

Motion: Councillor M. Baker

"That the Manager would re-instate the left filter traffic light at the end of Booterstown Avenue going onto the Rock Road with immediate effect."


The left filter at the bottom of Booterstown Avenue has been removed as part of the Rock Road Quality Bus Corridor Scheme. This scheme was approved following Public Consultation and has recently been completed. The QBC became operational on the 31st of July 2007. The removal of the left filter was done to give more priority to straight through traffic on the Rock Road as the road space ahead of them when they got a green light was being taken up by a substantial volume of traffic turning left from Booterstown Avenue on the slip lane. It is also intended to discourage traffic from coming down Booterstown Avenue from the N11 Stillorgan Road. With the QBC on the Rock Road fully operational there will only be one lane available to traffic turning left at Booterstown Avenue and also straight ahead traffic on the Rock Road as the bus lane is in place just beyond Grotto Place.

As this measure is an integral part of the overall operational of the Rock Road QBC Scheme it is not intended to reinstate the left filter light.

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