Repair of grass verges



2nd April 2007

Procedures for grass verges to be finished when Utilities carry out works

Motion: Councillor M. Baker

"hat the Manager report on what procedure is in place to check the status of grass verges after works have taken place by contractors, for example to repair nearby paths, as these verges are often left in an appalling condition. Currently such works are in progress at Ardagh Estate and on Newtownpark Ave."


Procedures for grass verges to be finished when utilities carry out works.

Upon completeing works in an area the utility companies inspect the works locations and reinstate grass verges etc that they have damaged during the course of their works.

This reinstatement takes the form of placing fresh topsoil on the damaged areas and seeding the new topsoil with grass seed.

The reinstatements section in the council checks the areas upon completion of the works and agrees the areas to be reinstated with the utility in question.

Ardagh Estate.

Bord Gais are at present re-laying their gas network in this area, replacing the existing cast iron pipe with PE pipe. They still have some weeks left before work is complete in this area. Upon completion the grass verges and green areas will be inspected and any damage caused by the contractor will be reinstated.

Newtown Park Avenue

Newtown Park Avenue forms part of the network renewals work being carried out by Bord Gais. This area is now complete but another Contractor is due to renew footpaths in this area in the very near future. The grass verges along the road will be reinstated upon completion of the footpath renewals works.

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