Road safety issue at Rockford Manor School



1st May 2007

Entry/Exit at Rockford Manor School

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager what action if any has been taken against Rockford Manor School with regard to their current arrangement for entering and exiting their grounds and the conflict this arrangement creates with the Council's road markings?"


A lining scheme was installed on Stradbrook Road in 2000. This scheme included road lining at the entrance and exit of Rockford Manor School. This lining scheme included a dedicated right turning lane to the school entrance. Dashed central hatching markings were also provided at the school exit.

However, subsequent to the road-lining scheme being installed, the school authority undertook a redevelopment of their own car park and reversed the school entrance/exit, without consulting the Traffic Section of the Council.

The Traffic Section's recommendation is that the school is to re-instate the original entrance and exit on Stradbrook Road. The Traffic Section will shortly be writing to the school authority, requesting that the entrance/exit reverts back to the original orientation in keeping with the existing road markings.

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