St Helen’s pedestrian access



1st October , 2007

St. Helen's Stillorgan Road.

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to confirm if there was a condition contained in the granting of planning permissions for the development of lands at St Helen's, Novitiate, Stillorgan Road, in the early 1990's that the pedestrian gateway from these lands into St Helen's Road Booterstown remain open so as to allow easy access to Booterstown DART station?

If this condition exists then it needs to be enforced?"


There are several planning permissions relating to these lands, dating from 1988 up to 1995. A planning search was undertaken, however no reference was found to a pedestrian access to St. Helen's Road on the conditions of the parent permission [92A/0611]

This file has now been requested from archive, so that the drawings can be checked to establish if there is any pedestrian access shown.

On completion of this check the Planning Department will contact the Councillor directly with details of any new information in relation to the matter.

Additional note (12/11/07)

No reply has been received to date

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