Sweetmans Avenue and access from by-pass



1st October 2007

New sign location requested at Sweetmans Avenue

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager if consideration has been given to the retention of the ‘no left turn' sign on the Frascati Bye-pass just before the junction into Sweetmans Ave given the newly created opening into the business park off Sweetmans Avenue? This sign was erected to relieve rat running into the residential area of Brookfield. Would it be possible to move the sign to a new location beyond the opening into the business park?"


The "no left turn" sign on the Blackrock by-pass inbound before Sweetmans Avenue is operational between 7.30am and 10am. There are no plans to have this sign re-located to a new location beyond the entrance to the Business Park as it would not be effective as commuter traffic would already be in the area.

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