Traffic lights and yellow boxes at Newtown Park



6th June 2007

Issues concerning traffic lights and yellow boxes at Newtown Park,

Carysfort Ave. / Rosehill

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager in relation to Newtown Park, Blackrock the following:

1. To investigate the sequence of the lights at the junction of this road and Carysfort Ave/Rosehill, as there seems a very long delay for traffic waiting.

2. To install a yellow box on this road at its junction with Hawthorn.

3. To install a yellow box on this road at its junction with Annaville Ave.

4. To remove the triangular kerbing by the footpath opposite the entrance into TGI Friday's as it is impeding vehicles turning left coming from the shops at Centra. The grass that was in this area has been destroyed by vehicles having no option but to mount the kerb in order to make the turn."


1)The junction of Newtownpark Avenue and Newtown Park (The Playwright) and Carysfort Avenue/Newtown Park (Rosehill) have been examined.

The Traffic Section has recently met with our Traffic Signals Maintenance Contractor with a view to carrying out a full electrical upgrade at the Newtownpark Avenue/Newtown Park junction.

It is expected that work on site will commence this summer. Upon completion of this work on site, it is expected that an electrical upgrade of Carysfort Avenue / Newtown Park (Rosehill) junction will then follow. These two electrical upgrades will enable both junctions to be electronically linked to Carysfort Avenue/Stillorgan Park (Monkstown Ring Road) resulting in efficient traffic flow in these areas.

(2, & 3)

The Traffic Advisory Group, which includes representatives from the Traffic Section and An Garda Siochana, has examined these requests. The guidelines for the provision of a yellow box are:-

1) Side road traffic flow should be significant and

2) there should be evidence of all day blocking i.e. blocking should occur regularly throughout the day and during the peak period.

It was decided that a yellow box was not warranted in either case.

4) The exit from the five shops on Newtown Park located opposite the entrance into TGI Fridays (‘The Playwright') has been examined recently.

The triangular kerbing (grass verge island), will be removed and a new, smaller concrete ‘buildout' will be installed to allow large vehicles to turn left onto Newtown Park when exiting these shops. It is expected that this work on site will be carried out this summer.

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