Trimleston Drive various repairs



5th March 2007

Request for re-instatement/repairs to be carried out on Trimleston Drive

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"o ask the Manager to have the following works carried out on Trimleston Drive;

1. Can the gullies be cleaned,

2. Can the pathway outside no. 10 be renewed as it is lifting due to tree roots and is a trip hazard,

3. Can the pathways on this road be examined so that reinstatement repairs and other trip hazard situations can be resolved,

4. When can these works be done?"


1) These gullies will be cleaned in the next six weeks.

2) This footpath will be repaired within the next four weeks.

3) Trimleston Drive is not on the Programme for 2007. However, temporary repairs will be carried out as necessary.

4) These works will be carried out within the next six weeks.

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