Booterstown Ave drainage issue


MEETING OF DÚN LAOGHAIRE AREA COMMITTEE6TH OCTOBER 2008Water Collecting at GullyQuestion: Councillor M. Baker:

“To ask the Manager to investigate the gully by Willow Park Lodge, BooterstownAvenue with a view to taking whatever remedial action is necessary to solve theproblem of water collecting at this gully and causing the nearby residents to bedrenched when they open their door? The gully is beside light pole no. 27 andopposite house 51 Booterstown Ave. This is also the same gullyreported in the Area committee question of 3rd March 2008?”


This gully is broken and will be blanked off temporarily. The surface above the gullywill be levelled so that water does not pond and permanent repairs will be scheduled.

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