Brown bins


MEETING OF DÚN LAOGHAIRE-RATHDOWN COUNTY COUNCIL8 SEPTEMBER 2008BROWN BINSCouncillor M. Baker"To ask the Manager when the brown bins will become operational in this County?"


It is expected that brown bin collection will commence in this County in 2009.Currently the Council is assessing Tenders for the provision of a biological wastefacility at Ballyogan. The tenders received require careful consideration in order that the proper balance is attained between environmental acceptability and value for money.The High Court is expected to consider a case dealing with the Variation to the Waste Management Plan that was adopted by this Council earlier this year. The impact of this decision is likely to determine the volume of waste that will be controlled by the Council and could have a significant impact on the economic viability of the Council's waste service.The Council informed the Unions in May 2007 of their proposals for collecting BrownBin Waste and for rationalising the number of freighters required for the reducednumber of waste account holders in the Council. Agreement has not been achievedto date.

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