Cleaning of All Major Road Junctions

Meeting of DĂșn Laoghaire Rathdown County Council


Motion: Councillor M. Baker

That this Council request that a maintenance schedule be set up to deal with thecleaning of all major road junctions in the County of gravel and other debris, in particular around the turning zones and centre islands, as cyclists and motorcyclists are being put in danger.


Cleaning at all major junctions is carried out regularly along with the general sweeping carried out by the Road sweeping Section. This work also includes cleaning in turning zones and centre islands. Unfortunately, some areas occasionally do not receive proper attention because of access problems or resources may be deployed elsewhere to deal with unplanned events like illegal dumping or specific requests for cleaning. If some area is not being properly cleaned, then if details are provided to the Road sweeping Section, the Foreman will arrange for this work to be carried out at the earliest opportunity.

The motion was agreed and the report was noted.

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