Dog Fouling Fines

Meeting of DĂșn Laoghaire Rathdown County Council November 2008


Question: Councillor M. Baker:

To ask the Manager to explain the following:

  1. The number of staff who have the authority to issue fines for dog fouling?
  2. On what basis is such a fine issued?
  3. The cost of such a fine?
  4. How many of these fines are paid?


  1. 6 Litter Wardens, 1 Dog Warden and the Supervisor to the Wardens are authorised to issue fines under the Litter Pollution acts 1997-2003, including Section 22 Dog Fouling, as are members of the Gardai.
  2. A Dog Fouling fine is issued in cases where:
    1. The offence has been witnessed by a member of staff mentioned in part 1 above or,
    2. Where the offence has been witnessed by another person, i.e. a member of the public and it has been put in writing confirming the date, time and location of the offence and,
    3. when the dog owner(s) name and address can be identified.
  3. All on-the-spot fines under the Litter Pollution Act 1997-2003 are in the amount of €150.00. Failure to pay will result in a prosecution being prepared and fines in Court can be up to €3,000.00.
  4. The following is the number of fines issued and paid over the last 10 years:
Year Fine Issued Fines Paid
1999 1 0
2000 9 8
2001 1 1
2002 4 3
2003 8 8
2004 4 3
2005 0 0
2006 0 0
2007 3 2 plus one prosecution
2008 (Jan-Oct) 0 0

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