Illegal signage in Blackrock Area


Meeting of Dun Laoghaire Area Committee28th April 2008Illegal signage in Blackrock AreaIt was PROPOSED By Councillor M. Baker "That the Manager outline what measures the Council has in place to deal with illegally erected signage that has appeared in recent months in the Blackrock Ward? This signage is a combination of finger pointer signs, auctioneer signs and large signs on buildings"The following report of the Manager was CONSIDEREDThe Councils Litter Warden patrols the Blackrock Area on a daily basis. Numerous fines have been issued recently for illegal signage in the area. The Transportation Department is also informed of such signage on public lighting poles or traffic lights. Large signs on buildings are dealt with by the Planning Department of the Council.Following a discussion in which Mr. John Guckian. Senior Executive Officer responded to the Members' queries the Motion was AGREED.

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