Road sweeping Carysfort Avenue


Meeting of Dun Laoghaire Area Committee28th January 2008Road Sweeping Carysfort AvenueIt was proposed by Councillor M. Baker "That this Committee requests that the road sweeping of Carysfort Avenue that isscheduled to take place each Friday be monitored as there is little or no evidencethat the sweeping is taking place."The following report of the Manager was considered.The Roadsweeping Foreman has confirmed that sweeping is carried out but hashighlighted the regular difficulties of parked cars, which are reducing the efficiency of the sweeping operation. Also, some sweeping has to be suspended due to a shortage of sweeper drivers but these vacancies have now been filled and it is expected that an improved service should be evident within the next few weeks.Following a discussion in which Mr. John Guckian Senior Executive Officer responded to the Members' queries the Motion was AGREED.

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