Rockville Road layout



2 APRIL 2008

Review of the layout at Rockville Road

Question: Councillor M. Baker

"To ask the Manager to review the layout of both exits from Rockville Road and the area beside the shops onto Newtownpark Avenue as the following safety concerns have been raised by local residents:

Rockville Road Exit

1. The numerous bollards on Newtownpark Avenue are obstructing sight lines for car drivers;

2. A yellow box is needed at this junction due to obstructing traffic when the pedestrian lights are red;

Exit by Shops

3. Sight lines for exiting vehicles are obstructed by vehicles parked in the parking bay?"


The junction of Newtownpark Avenue at Rockville Road has been examined recently.

  1. There is adequate visibility for drivers exiting Rockville Road onto Newtownpark Avenue.

The existing black bollards were installed at 1.5 metre centres to prevent vehicles mounting the kerb line and parking on the 9 metre wide footpath/buildout, which if not installed would result in inadequate visibility for drivers exiting Rockville Road.

  1. A ‘half yellow box' to be installed on the east side of Newtownpark Avenue at the junction with Rockville Road is being considered which will facilitate traffic exiting the right turning lane from Newtownpark Avenue into Rockville Road.

This item will be submitted to the next Traffic Advisory Group (TAG) meeting for their recommendation.

  1. There is adequate visibility for drivers exiting the shops adjacent to the "LoadingBay". However, when large box delivery vans are parking in the "loading bay" the visibility is reduced.

There is an existing ‘signalised pedestrian crossing' adjacent to this exit which is frequently used by pedestrians and a ‘yellow box' exists also at this location which assist the drivers in exiting safely from the shops.

Please note that when the proposed ‘Monkstown Ring Road' is completed in approximately two years time, it is envisaged that the traffic volume on Newtownpark Avenue will be reduced.

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