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TGI Fridays's Enforcement

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

To ask the Manager in relation to the various planning enforcement actions against TGI Friday's premises on Nowtownpark Avenue to provide an update on the current position regarding each?


An Enforcement Notice was served on 11th November, 2005 in relation to the above premises requiring:

  1. Removal of all advertisement signs erected on various building elevations within the premises, being 2 no. signs to front/east elevation facing Newtownpark Avenue, one flat fixed on the elevation and one double sided sign end facing to the elevation and projecting over the public footpath. 1 no. sign to rear / west elevation. 1 no. sign to end / south elevation and 1 no. sign to end/north elevation.
  2. Removal of the illuminated / neon tube lighting to the under eaves of the property.
  3. Restore the existing beer garden area to the side / south of the building to its original condition.

Removal of the large enclosed bin storage area to the rear/west of the building constructed with concrete supports and timber panel infill.

The Legal Services Department were requested to institute legal proceedings for non-compliance with the Enforcement Notice on 26th April, 2006.

Planning permission for retention of the sheltered seating area and the bin storage area was granted by An Bord Pleanála on 3rd April, 2007. Planning permission for retention of the external illuminated signs and the erection of neon tube lighting under the eaves was however refused. The Legal Services Department have confirmed that proceedings have been set down for hearing in Dun Laoghaire District Court on 3rd April, 2008. An Enforcement Notice was served on 21st November 2007 in relation to the above premises requiring the removal of the full length glazed sections, reinstatement of the bay window wall sections and the fitting of glazed windows of size compatible with the original windows.

The Planning Inspector for the area has confirmed that the Enforcement Notice has not been complied with and the Enforcement section is in the process of instructing the Legal Services Department to instigate legal proceedings in this matter.

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