Trees in St Helen’s


Meeting of Dun Laoghaire Area Committee 28th April 2008Survey of Trees in St Helen’sIt was PROPOSED By Councillor M. Baker "That the Manager would carry out a survey of the trees in St. Helen's/Merrion Grove woodlands, Booterstown with a view to looking at the condition of each tree and any possible maintenance works that are required. Further that the possiblility of improving the pathway network through the woods be investigated"The following report of the Manager was CONSIDERED.The woodland at St. Helens/Merrion Grove is regularly monitored and wherenecessary, arboricultural works have been carried out. A number of trees were removed within the last 18 months.The Parks Department are meeting with representatives of the St Helens Hotel and local estate management companies to discuss the long-term management and maintenance of the St Helens/Merrion Grove Urban Woodlands. The existing path network will be reviewed within thecontext of the above discussions.Following a discussion in which Ms. Bridget Treacy, Senior Executive Parks Superintendent responded to the Members' queries regarding ownership of the land in question the motion was AGREED.

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