Rosemount Terrace Road Reinstatement

Meeting of DĂșn Laoghaire Area Committee


7th September 2009

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

To ask the Manager to have the road surface on Rosemount Terrace, Booterstown reinstated as this road is a busy route for two local schools and the local residents? When will this work take place?


The Council had provisionally scheduled Rosemount Terrace for road restoration in 2010. However, due to the reduction in our Department of Transport Restoration Improvement Grant for 2009, Rosemount Terrace must be postponed to 2011 at the earliest. In the meantime it will be maintained in a safe condition. Note: The footpaths and the road surface will be renewed in 2010, most likely during the Summer months. Rosemount Terrace was listed on the 2010 Footpath and Road Restoration Programme.

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