Monkstown Road Dished Kerbing

Meeting of DĂșn Laoghaire Area Committee


7th November 2011

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

To ask the Manager to have the dished kerb outside (details supplied) re-laid correctly following works at this location last year by a contractor, given that the householder paid for the dishing to be done in the first place, when can this work take place?


Following representations from the Householder of the address quoted, this matter was investigated by the Road Maintenance and Roads Control Sections of the Transportation Department. It has been established that Contractors working on behalf of the ESB carried out work at this location, which altered works previously undertaken by the County Council on behalf of the Householder (footpath dishing). The issue was pursued with the ESB and they have undertaken to carry out the necessary works to re-construct the footpath so that it is returned to its configuration before the work was carried out by them. The matter will be monitored to ensure that the works are carried out as soon as possible and in a satisfactory manner.

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