Improvement and Maintenance at Stream in Rockfield Park, Blackrock

Meeting of DĂșn Laoghaire Area Committee


24th January 2011

Motion:Councillor M. Baker

That this Committee requests the Parks Department to put together a management plan for the improvement and ongoing maintenance of the stream area that flows through Rockfield Park in Blackrock.


The stream which flows through Rockfield Park is called the Maretimo Stream. The Water Services Project Office of the Council are currently progressing the Carysfort/Maretimo Stream Improvement Scheme of which improvements including a flood protection wall and localized channel widening along sections flowing through Rockfield Park are planned.Currently in accordance with the Governments Procurement Procedures, the Council are awaiting written confirmation from Dept of Environment, Heritage and Local Government that the approved funding will be in place for the designated commencement date.The programme for the works is 14 months of which it is likely that the works within the Park will take place within the first half of the contract. Once the improvement works have been completed we will be in a position to assess the most appropriate maintenance measures suitable for the stream.

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