Poor Reinstatement of Carysfort Park

Meeting of Dún Laoghaire Area Committee


Motion: Councillor M. Baker
“That the Manager would bring a report outlining why the reinstatement of the grass area in Carysfort Park following the departure of the Contractors depot for the Carysfort Maretimo Stream Project, was so poorly done, with stones and large holes remaining that are a trip hazard to park users, in particular the children of the Blackrock Athletic Club.”
The contractor is required to carry out the works in accordance with the Works Requirements and in compliance with the design specification. Civil works are now complete in the parks areas and the green areas have been re-levelled and seeded. The reinstated areas have been inspected by the landscape architect/consultant and the contractor has been advised that the reinstatement works do not meet specification and that additional works are required to bring it to same. The matter is being dealt with through the contract.

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