Request for Tree Survey in Belmont Estate

Meeting of DĂșn Laoghaire Area Committee


26th November 2012
Question: Councillor M. Baker

To ask the Manager to survey the trees in Belmont Estate (Green, Grove & Lawn) off the Stillorgan Road and report to the Area Committee with the following information: (1) What potential damage could be caused by tree roots to pathways, walls, underground water pipes and buildings in the estate given the varieties of trees planted? (2) Where trees are blocking light from the street lights can pruning take place? (3) Where trees overhang private gardens can pruning take place? The report should also give a timeline for such works?


As an action of the adopted tree strategy we are in the process of systematically
inspecting, logging and mapping Council owned street trees.
The trees throughout the Belmont Estate are not yet fully mature, however the
estate would benefit from phased strategic tree works including the removal and
replacement of unsuitable street trees. The logging of trees in the Belmont Estate
will therefore be prioritised to identify necessary tree works and highlight any issues
regarding location or species.
The commencement of estate-wide tree works in the Belmont Estate will take place
during the 2013/14 Tree Care Programme, subject to resources.

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