Rockfield Park Safety Issue

Meeting of Dún Laoghaire Area Committee


24th September 2012

Motion: Councillor M. Baker

That the Manager will bring a report to the Dún Laoghaire Area Committee outlining what measures are to be put in place to safeguard users of Rockfield Park from falling into the river running through the park, in particular the section between Brookfield Grove and the back of the tennis courts, where there is an unprotected drop of at least ten feet into the water, and also the area near the new pedestrian bridge where no barrier exists. The report should outline the following:

  1. What measures are to be put in place?
  2. When will these works take place?
  3. Was this work part of the contact for the Carysfort Maretimo Stream project and if so why haven’t the works taken place to date?


The works completed to date in the above mentioned area have been carried out in accordance with the Works Requirements. There are some outstanding works to be carried out and the contractor is liaising with the ESB regarding completion of the works (an electricity outage is required to facilitate these works) and removal of ducts crossing the stream. The Works Requirements do not provide for pedestrian railings along the top of the riverbank at this location. The section adjacent to the newly constructed bridge is currently awaiting delivery of railings from the fabricator and are scheduled to be installed on their next visit to site.

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