Carysfort Park Pond

Meeting of the Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


Motion: Councillor M. Baker
“That the Manager brings a report to this Committee outlining the plans for works on
the pond in Carysfort Park including the nature of the works, commencement date,
timescale and cost.”
Phase 1 of pond renovations will commence in late January/February and will involve
the removal/treatment of the perimeter vegetation particularly removal/cutting back
and treatment of the willow trees which currently obscure views of the pond.
Vegetation at the inlet of the pond will also be removed during this phase.
It was hoped to include the removal of silt in lower pond area as part of this phase.
However due to the nature and extent of the material which require disposal to
licenced non hazard facility, the tendering period needed and execution of the works
on site could not be carried out and completed before the commencement of the bird
nesting season which commences 1st March.
Phase II will commence September 2014 and will involve the removal, stabilization
and disposal of the silt from the lower part of the pond.
Tenders will be sought for this phase of the works in February/March with
contractors commencing work on site in September. We will be in a position to
advise Councilors of cost and more definitative timescale of this phase of the project
at the May/June area committee meeting.

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