Castlebyrne Park

Meeting of the Dun Laoghaire Area Committee



It was PROPOSED by Councillor M .Baker and SECONDED by Councillor M. Halpin

“That this Committee commits to changing the current entrance from Castlebyrne Park into Rockfield Park as the existing entrance does not allow for the passage of wheelchairs and double buggies, even cyclists find it difficult to get through the gateway. The residents would welcome a similar entrance to the existing one from Avondale Court into Rockfield Park by the playing pitches and tennis club.” 

The following Report of the Chief Executive was CONSIDERED:

Parks will examine the current configuration of this entrance.  The “K Barrier” which was initially installed 7/8 years ago is designed to specifically allow wheelchairs and double buggies access and cyclists to some degree, while excluding access to motor bikes.

The K barrier can be adjusted to increase widths to accommodate access.  Should difficulties still be experienced we will consider removal of barrier and look at an alternative design for the entrance.  This however will be subject to finance being made available. 

it was AGREED that a costing report would be circulated to members by email.

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