Licence Fees for Traders

Meeting of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council


Question: Councillor M. Baker
“To ask the Manager to outline the licence fees for traders to place tables and chairs
and plant pots on the public footpath?”
The annual license fee for street furniture is as follows:
Tables and Chairs
€50 per square metre and
€125 per table (includes accompanying chairs) per year
A sandwich or A-board is €50 per year (€150 for a 3 year licence)
A case, rack, shelf or other structure is €50 per year (€150 for a 3 year licence)
In recognising the contribution of local businesses to the character and visual
enhancement of the public space and street scape, it is the intention of the Council
that a licence fee of €50 will apply for all applicants for street furniture up to and
including no more than two tables and a seating provision for up to 4 persons. A fee
will be charged to businesses above this threshold recognising that their core
business activity is benefiting financially.
These fees are the same whether you are applying for a new licence or renewing an
existing licence.

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