Footpaths on Woodbine Road

Meeting of the Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


Question: Councillor M. Baker
“To ask the Chief Executive to have both sides of the footpaths on Woodbine Road
inspected with a view to making any necessary repairs? Currently there are a
number of areas with temporary repairs done with asphalt as well as a number of
broken sections. When will these works take place?”
A number of temporary footpath reinstatements within the estate have resulted from
Irish water site investigation work early this year. Some reinstatements are potential
trip hazards due to the level difference. Road Maintenance Section will request Irish
Water to carry out permanent reinstatements as soon as possible.
Certain footpath repair work has been carried out by Road Maintenance Section on
Woodbine Road early this year. We will continue monitoring the area and carry out
necessary repair work in the coming weeks.

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