Temple Hill Junction

Meeting of the Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


Question: Councillor M. Baker
To ask the Chief Executive to review the road markings at the Temple Hill junction
with Newtown Ave/ St Vincent’s Park, in particular the two following issues
1. The Right turn arrow painted on the road surface on Temple Hill, needs to be
changed as some drivers are misreading the junction and are entering Newtown
Avenue via the lanes exiting from this road.
2. In the morning peak traffic coming from Newtown Avenue is finding it very
difficult to turn left into the lane dedicated for straight on traffic
Please advise what alterations may take place following the review?”
1. This location has been examined and it is proposed to remove the existing
right turn arrow on Temple Hill and relocate it further down the junction (in
the Blackrock direction) to a point opposite the Dun Laoghaire bound lane on
Newtown Avenue and also to install additional line marking from Temple Hill
through to Newtown Avenue to guide right turning vehicles through the
2. In relation to left turning vehicles from Newtown Avenue onto the straight
ahead lane in Temple Hill, this movement will be monitored on the CCTV
cameras at the junction to establish the extent of the issue and what
measures can be taken.

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