Fines for signs

Meeting of the Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


Question: Councillor M. Baker
“To ask the Chief Executive how many fines were issued countywide to estate agents for oversized sales boards during 2018 and for this year?”
Under the Planning Regulations 2001 (Class 9), advertisements relating to the sale of letting of any structure or other land on which they are exhibited is considered exempted development. This is subject however to conditions including;
• Not more than one such advertisement may be exhibited on the land/structure.
• The size of the advertisement must not exceed 0.6m² for the sale or letting of a house or 1.2 m² for the sale/letting of any other structure or land.
• The advertisement must be removed within 7 days of the land/structure after the sale or letting of the land or structure to which the advertisement relates.
Planning Enforcement have issued one Warning Notice for an oversized sales board during 2018.
The Litter Control section have the power to issue fines under the Litter Pollution Acts for illegal signage on public areas. A total of 173 fines were issued under these Acts from the 1/Jan/2018 to date. A breakdown of the different categories of signage is not available.

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